The Future of Dry Cleaning™ is Green

  • Lapels® Dry Cleaning is committed to using the most advanced environmental practices and technologies
  • Our environmentally-friendly solvent:
    • Has no odor
    • Breaks down naturally and is non-toxic to the environment
    • Is gentle on clothes – you can see, feel and smell the difference
    • Is safe to use
  • Our plants use the most technologically advanced machines for maintaining and recycling the cleaning solution
  • We use LED lights in our signage to conserve energy
  • We recycle hangers and plastic garment bags. The corporate office recycles all paper and cardboard.
  • Green Discount Coupons – Check out SustainLane, an online source for green discounts and coupons.

At Lapels® Dry Cleaning we believe in a “Greener Future”